About us

Committee terms of reference

Read more about the assignment in the Committe terms of reference 2009:31. These terms of reference replace the Committee terms of reference 1992:72.

Our activity

Every three years the Council submits its independent assessment of SKB’s research, development and demonstration activities (the RD&D programmes). SKB submitted its application for the final repository in March 2011, and the Council’s scientific review of the work of the industry became more intensified.

Since 2010 we also report on the state-of-the-art in the nuclear waste field every year, rather than every three years as before. Moreover, we will keep close watch on the review work of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and the environmental court.

The purpose of the Council’s activities is to give well-founded advice to the Government. Our work proceeds in three stages:

1. We identify issues that need to be more thoroughly investigated and recognised. We do this by reviewing SKB’s research reports and by holding a dialogue with concerned municipalities and regional councils, environmental organizations, politicians and regulatory authorities.

2. We investigate and recognise these issues by means of seminars, workshops and scientific analyses.

3. We document and communicate the results in various forms for example in RD&D review reports, State-of-the-art reports and other reports. Find the reports under Publications.