Welcome to the Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste

The Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste was established by the Swedish Government in 1992.

The Council’s assignment is to investigate and clarify matters relating to nuclear waste and decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities and to give advice to the Government in these matters. The Council also serves as a knowledge base for other stakeholders such as concerned public authorities, the nuclear power industry, municipalities, NGOs, interested public and the mass media.

The Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste consists of 11members, 2 scientific members and a secretariat and possesses a broad scientific knowledge in natural science, technology, the social sciences and the humanities in order to give a broad perspective to issues relating to nuclear waste and spent fuel.

The Council actively participates in international cooperation and events on issues relating to management of radioactive waste, including working group under the auspices of Nuclear Energy Agency: Forum on Stakeholder Confidence and Working group on Reversibility and Retrievability. The Council’s members regularly contribute to international conferences and have participated in research projects supported by the European Atomic Energy Community's 7th Framewok Programme.

The activities of the Council are rendered by independence, transparency and interdisciplinarianism.

Publications in English

Here you can download Publications in English.